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    Why you’ll love Inbound and Outbound OptiPacs from Alpha EDI

    • DIY Implementation— Download and implement the integrations independently
    • Free Support— Concerned about the implementation process? All Alpha EDI OptiPacs come with 2 Free Hours of support.
    • Cost-Effective— Integrating EDI with your Infor VISUAL ERP minimizes the time spent managing your EDI process while optimizing productivity.
    • Accessibility— EDI Documents mapped and translated into your Infor VISUAL ERP give access to vital B2B documents to more of your team.
    • OptiPacs for EDI X12 Transaction Sets— 810 Invoice, 850 Purchase Order, 875 Purchase Order, 880 Invoice, and more.

    Let’s send an invoice from Infor VISUAL utilizing an Outbound OptiPac

    The process is automated and requires no human intervention. Just create the document in your ERP, Alpha EDI does the rest.

    Create your invoice in your Infor VISUAL ERP.

    A stored procedure exports the data segments from Infor VISUAL into a SQL Server database table.

    A stored procedure places the segments from the database tables into a CSV format and converts the data into EDI compliant data.

    Already using Sterling Gentran?

    All Packs come with mapping template integrations for Sterling Gentran. Rather than converting data segments from the database tables into a CSV format, the data is mapped into Sterling Gentran and translated into EDI compliant data.

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