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    EDI Mapping: What You Need to Know

    Optimize EDI

    EDI mapping is one of the most technical aspects of managing your EDI data. However, EDI mapping is necessary because it leverages your enterprise resources planning (ERP) investment while expediting the communication between trading partners.

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    How EDI Integrations Enhance Your Business

    Technology has improved business at every level, from accounting to marketing. In addition to EDI, there’s a good chance that your company is using several other products or services to make your business more efficient and to gain an advantage over the competition.

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    OptiPacs Complete Your End-to-End Infor VISUAL Solution.

    OptiPacs are a bundle of EDI integrations for Infor VISUAL ERPs. Infor Visual is an affordable enterprise resource planner (ERP) developed as an end-to-end solution to optimize the business systems of manufacturing companies.

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